33rd Parallel

Events on or around the 33rd Parallel including abductions


What is the 33rd Parallel ? This is the geographic line that runs along obvious the 33rd Longitude Line around the whole world. You ask what does this have to do with anything? Well since you asked all major UFO events have happened on the 33rd parallel line or very close to it.

This is something that really struck me as not only odd, but out of character. It makes total sense really when you think about the magnetic lines of the globe fall on this land. Is this an easy access line to the globe for Anti Gravity space craft ? Of course that is just a general theory and I have not had much time to think about this further other then evidence at hand and UFO events that have already happened and occurred. So, I had mentioned yesterday about some findings I had discovered about UFO’s and the 33rd Parallel. This is the geographic line that runs on the 33rd Latitude line of the Globe. Here is what I have found out.

Battle of Los Angeles in 1942 – Large UFO sighting in LA

Trinity New Mexico July 1945 – First detonation of a Nuclear Bomb

Roswell New Mexico July 1947 – Most infamous UFO crash in History

Snowflake Mountain Arizona 1975 – Travis Walton Abduction and Fire in the Sky

Phoenix Arizona 1993 – Phoenix Lights with Massive UFO sighting

Stephenville Texas 2008 – The Texas Symbols and UFO Sighting

The Bermuda Triangle – UFO and USO and other Anomalous events

Tripoli – The begging of the Arab Spring and Revolution in the Arab Nations

Hiroshima/Nagasaki – First use of the Atomic Bomb are divided by the 32,33,34 Parallel

The 33rd Parallel lines run all the way to the Holy Land of Israel and Babylon in Iraq. This is as far as I went going east. 

There is something interesting here. I have never heard of anyone talking about this coincidence before. As far as I know, I am one of the first to put this together.

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