Trump is accused of raping a 13 year old girl

Trump is accused of raping a 13 year old girl.

There are things on here that are a revolutionary way of things about God’s Kingdom taking to account it’s massive size and electrical capabilities. Not to mention how it could have created celestial events in the night and day skies.

These include Earthquakes, Floods, Days of Darkness and other events here on Earth by its shear size and mass which is an unknown variable. We know if the moon was 20% closer we would have tides on Earth of 100+ feet. This could account for the days of rains and the floods. With it’s massive size and mass. It will and did affect gravity here on Earth.

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† Revelation 21:16

“The city was laid out like a square, as long as it was wide. He measured the city with the rod and found it to be 12,000 stadia in length, and as wide and high as it is long.”

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem


  • 12,000 Stadia
  • 1 Stadia is 607 feet
  • 5,280 = 607 x 8.7
  • 5,280 feet in 1 mile
  • 8.7 stadia is = 1 mile
  • 1,380 miles = 12000/8.7
  • 1,904,400 = 1380 X 1380
  • 11,426,400 total square miles in size all 6 sides

A few things to keep in mind. Gold is a precious metal. It is none corrosive and why we use it in space flight. It is used in just about all electronic equipment we use today. Gold has the highest contact of all the noble metals @ 1.56v(volts). Page to Electrochemistry section and view the potential.

Crystalline gold in it’s smallest form is shaped just like a cube. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is like a Mustard Seed. The smallest of all the seeds but grow’s to be the biggest fruit bearing plant on Earth.

How much different is that of gold crystalline stacked to make a larger cube like the size of the Kingdom of Heaven New Jerusalem?


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A must watch video. This will open your eye’s. This is from a Faith that has stood for over 2,000 years now and will continue to stand until the end of time. It has out lived and thrived longer then any Kingdom, Empire or Country in the known World.

Christ’s Church which is the Catholic Church is the only Church in this World set up by Jesus himself. This cannot be argued because there is nothing to argue. Fact is Fact and Truth is Truth.

St. Mary's Catholic Chruch

And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” … Matthew 16:18

But there are some very interesting things about Jesus. From the time before his birth until present day. We still to this day do not know where he is from. We know he was born in Bethlehem. But the wear abouts of his genetics are from Mary, and the Creator which is an unknown.

Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; hold it fast, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you.” …

Revelation 3:3

“I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.”

Revelation 3:11

Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.” … John 18:36  

This may explain the Star of Bethlehem and New Jerusalem and his parable. Jesus said I and my Father are one in the same. New Jerusalem will look like a new star in the night sky.


As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” … Acts 9:3-4


Saul was blinded for 3 days. So happen the area this was at was the 33rd Parallel line because we know Saul was on his way to Damascus Syria. It was Jesus talking to him. But from what and where ?

New Jerusalem is 5,320 square miles on 1 surface side while the Moon circumference is 6,784 miles.

A New Eclipse of the Sun, Earth and Moon with New Jerusalem ??? This Kingdom at half the distance from Earth and Moon will be the same size as the moon itself. The closer it gets to Earth the more it will shadow and eclipse the Earth turning it into night from the Sun side of the Earth.

The Moon and Sun are relatively the same size in the night sky. This is evident during a Total Solar Eclipse when the moon blocks out a majority if the sunlight at Totality.


First recorded abductions …

As they walked on still conversing, a fiery chariot and fiery horses came between the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind, and Elisha saw it happen. He cried out, “My father! my father! Israel’s chariot and steeds!” Then he saw him no longer.

2 Kings 2 1:11-12


“And he gave orders to stop the chariot. Then both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water and Philip baptized him. When they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord suddenly took Philip away, and the eunuch did not see him again, but went on his way rejoicing.”

† Acts 8:38-39


 The Coming of the Son of Man


“There will be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars, and on earth nations will be in dismay, perplexed by the roaring of the sea and the waves. People will die of fright in anticipation of what is coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. But when these signs begin to happen, stand erect and raise your heads because your redemption is at hand.”

† Luke 21:25-28

And the hell everyone has been looking for is just another Star Ship. And you know you cant have a Heaven without a Hell.

Lucifers Domain

Lucifers Domain?


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